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1. Whether it is be JC Economics or IB Economics, if you are struggling to score well in your tests or asssigments, our Economics tuitions conducted by Mr Sen will definitely improve your grades.

2. If you want to score high grades in your Economics A Level examinations but are still confused on various concepts and terminologies, our highly acclaimed Economics Tuition services will organize your thoughts and help structure your answers.

3. On occasion, you may have wondered how your fellow classmates are grasping the complex and advances concepts of JC Economics, whereas, you on the other hand, are still struggling on basic fundamental concepts and still getting mediocre results in your Economics tests and exams.

4. We highly recommend you have to seriously take help of any proclaimed Econs Tuition or Econs tutor. However, if you are already availing services of any JC Tuition, then you should replace it with another tutor who is more experienced and knowledgeable. Mr Sen has over 16 years of teaching experience to hundreds of students producing excellent results. Click on the testimonial tab to know what his students have to say.

5. If your tutor is giving you a huge volume of notes to cram. But, even after cramming them are unable to grasp the subject. Mr. Sen believes in a TWO stage method of tutoring Economics which has worked amazingly for all of his students which easily explains all the various concepts and theories for both Micro and Macro.q

Mr. Sen believes in a TWO stage method of tutoring Economics which has worked amazingly for all of his students

The First Stage of Economics Tuition

- In order to excel in Economics A Level or at IB Econs, there has to be a sound understanding of all micro and macro economic concepts and theories, which to many does sound obvious. However many students lack the rigour and academic discipline required by the examination board despite thinking they have a good understanding of what is required.

- This is the FIRST and necessary stage before proceeding further. Economics examiners do not want to see answers that are regurgitated from the notes that are provided in schools or at tutorials.

- Instead, examiners want to see the students Ability to use the tools of economic reasoning to explain, analyse & resolve economic issues and evaluate policy decisions.

- In addition the student must be able to read critically from a variety of sources and have the ability to use evidence in making rational arguments in economic context and understand the roles of various economic agents

- Often notes provided differ from school to school even on the same topic,for example, some are more detailed than others, many students are left confused on how much of the notes they need to study or what are the most critical points they need to know etc.

- In addition students wonder even after various tutorials, what does 'evaluate' mean ? How else can I 'analyze' or'elaborate' ? They also fail to see how some topics can be connected or linked. Some think that macro can't be linked to micro..

- A large part of the students' FIRST stage is spentwith Mr. Sen organizing the thoughts of students on the various concepts and theories - what is required to be known and how to simplify them so they can understand better. Often real world examples are used to elaborate, explain which is where the vast economic resources and the experience of Mr. Sen can be leveraged on.


- The second and the most critical stage is to improve the writing style of each student. Emphasis is placed on the 'application' and 'reasoning' aspects of linking the economic theories learnt at stage 1 to answering typical questions expected during exams whether essays, case studies or short answer questions (for I.B Econs).

- To ensure, students get the highest grades, Mr. Sen will teach Essay Writing skills that are not just a 're-hash' of a mark scheme or 'typical' answer that most students copy from suggested answers. It should in fact be a script that is perceived as if written by a policy maker / economist and not a student who has memorized an answer scheme.

- He therefore ensures his students scripts are well Balanced structured Essays, applying economic theory to link to the context of the question, with strong evaluation techniques and sound qualifying discussions in both the Thesis and Anti Thesis of an Essay - ultimately and most importantly how to make your script stand out from the rest to ensure you get that top grade

- To see an example, click on FAQ's for economics.

Mr Sen with some of the students of his group classes, 2013

Mr Sen with some of the students of his group classes, 2013


- In addition, Mr. Sen's classes are never more than 6 students. This is to ensure individual attention is given to every student. If the group is larger then students needs and weaknesses will not be addressed effectively.The group classes are set in an informal environment for students to brainstorm, absorb, communicate and most importantly enjoy studying Economics.

- Mr. Sen also teaches perhaps the biggest problem facing all students - How to manage your Time under exam conditions effectively?

- Mr. Sen's will share techniques that maximize students' marks to ensure that they finish all their papers on time.


- Mr. Sen has designed a set of highly effective 'revision techniques' that have helped so many students achieve excellent results.

- Every student will get a set of Economics revision tips summarized for the Entire Econs syllabus which condenses every topic studied in Micro and Macro and is a useful tool in remembering all the concepts and theoretical requirements of Economics

Click on our testimonials tab to find out more about what students say about our Economics Tuitions with Mr. Sen.


* $75/hr per student per hour * ($150 per lesson for a two hour lesson)


* S$200 for a 1.5 hour
* S$250 for a 2 Hour lesson at your place

CALL Mr. Sen at 96276717 or email : sen@thesmartworkshop.com to reserve your slot now. Mr. Sen has limited slots available for 2013 and for some days no more slots are available.

Please note : Payments are to be made at the end of each class or the beginning of each month. For Group Classes, fees will not be refunded if the student misses his/her lesson.

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