It would help if you considered relying on legal compliance of your business with experts from corporate secretarial service singapore. You can reduce costs by choosing a package you offer for free.

By hiring one of Singapore’s qualified corporate secretarial services, you can free up vital resources. This allows you to save time and money and pay full attention to the main objectives of your business.

Singapore Secretarial Services will help you successfully implement Business Law. They also ensure that your business complies with ACRA. The agency manages all companies in Singapore and has created the basis for doing business for companies.

Assign at least one company secretary

Merged companies in Singapore must appoint at least one company secretary. This is an obligation from which they cannot escape. You must act within six months after registering your company. The current market trend is to hire one of Singapore’s experienced secretarial service providers.

If you are thinking of creating a company in Singapore, you can find a registration agent that offers free packages.

A three in one package is cheaper. You get the company registration, secretarial services in Singapore and the address of your local registered office for only $ 699. Or you can only choose the company’s secretarial services for only $ 299.

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Business secretarial services in Singapore

It doesn’t matter if you choose a three-in-one package or the services of a company secretary. Your benefit to you remains the same. The secretaries working in secretarial services in Singapore will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • Transfer meetings, prepare agendas, record and maintain attendance records
  • Company records maintenance
  • Decisions, reports, annual reports and provisional reports for shareholders.
  • Director Preparation / Compilation Report
  • Stock and shareholder management
  • Stock transfer
  • Pay ACRA fees and submit annual returns
  • Maintain the registry of shareholders, directors, secretaries and auditors of the company.
  • Keep a record of the company’s assets.
  • Open a corporate bank account
  • Know the details of the director packages.
  • Report ACRA deadlines to directors

Benefits of Singapore corporate secretarial services

Profitability: The cost of outsourcing corporate secretarial services in Singapore is much more affordable than the cost of hiring a full-time secretary. And you are attended by professionals.

Quality: Singapore’s accredited secretarial companies hire highly qualified and experienced professionals to offer quality services. They know how to take care of their legal requirements.

Efficiency: allowing the secretary of the company of the service provider to take care of its compliance, frees it from administrative work. You can pay more attention to the main objectives of the business.

There is an alternative to outsourcing services of the corporate secretariat of Singapore. You can do the homework yourself if you have the time and desire. Or you can hire a staff secretary that can be an expensive alternative.