The support team set out for successful ERP implementation works till everything gets into place. Once the implementation is completed, the process is handed over to the support team, who shall do the last check and ensure that everything works perfectly. Cutover planning activity is also carried out during this phase, wherein during this time user stops entering within the legacy system and instead user switches over and makes use of the ERP system. Moreover, activities that are not fruitful or capable of producing results are removed from the process. A question that may arise like, which ERP for me is the best.

Problems are taken care of by source ERP

Various problems which are being tackled by open source ERP include the following;

  1. Users can get away with forceful upgrades, huge licensing fees, maintenance costs, and other things that are otherwise part of traditional systems.
  2. It is a flexible system which is one of the biggest reasons this system is preferred compared to other options available in the market.
  3. Flexibility
  4. The software is quite flexible to use, and the codes can select the codes suiting their needs and requirements. Hence users need not have to approach other applications as all of them will be facilitated in the source system.
  5. Training
  6. To use the source ERP system, users need not have to go through formal training. The user can gain knowledge about the software while working on the system, and they need not have to go through any training.


  1. Security
  2. Users need not have to bring everything to their public domain, so there is no risk of users’ data. Hence everything brought on the system is completely secure.

With the best enterprise resource planning software, all the business process comes together for quick decision making and easy collaboration for enhancing the overall productivity of your business team.

What features do these systems have?

The features of these systems are great, so several firms are employing these as per their requirements. The systems that employ the business processes in the automated form are earning rave reviews for the things that have gone awry. These systems have barcoding procedures that help to identify the products on a very grand scale. This helps to steam line the procedures to append the way you do your business.

You need to automate the procedures of the company that can be very beneficial for you. Several factors can be crucial in taking your firm to greater heights that can enhance your operation.