Much more businesses are resorting to managed workplace services as opposed to traditional IT Support. Technology is essential in the workplace and the need for innovation and productivity increases as technology advances. Companies have to constantly consider new models that reinforce the technology platform and the realities of today’s businesses. To help your business reach a new level and stay productive, it is important to implement digital transformation.

On-Site Support

Managed workplace services accelerate progress with IT automation and well-trained, accessible technicians. A great company that offers managed workplace services is CompuCom. They help businesses across the United States and have over 6,000 trained, certified, fully vetted employees working with a 90% first visit resolution rate. The company offers onsite IT support services. While receiving IT support, you will get break/fix/installation services, desktop computer options, support for mobile devices, printers, laptops, and networks.

IT Desk Services

IT Desk services are another form of workplace services that you can implement in your business. This creates a great way of contact for support issues and new service requests. You will receive support based on the specific needs and requirements needed to maximize productivity. With a personal-driven focus, the help desk will not just reach the device but also you as a person. You can receive self-service mobile support through the CompuCom Service Desk app. You can chat with a technician to receive quick answers, and the app integrates self-service for password unlock and resets. You will receive many things including:

  • comprehensive multi-tenant ITSM platforms
  • actionable analytics that increases automation and lowers costs
  • support options including self-service, over the phone or through chats


If you are not tech-savvy this is okay because with managed workplace services you have someone who is great with technology come in and help fix your problems. Traditional technological support does not meet business goals, lacks accountability and cannot enable your business platform. Workplace services can change all of this with strategic consulting that helps pinpoints issues, business goals and then immediate solutions. Workplace services have the right standards, processes, and tools to do this. You will be offered knowledge in your business’s productivity so that you and your employees can build knowledge and so your employees can be more efficient. You may learn how to use software such as Skype and Microsoft Word. Monitoring reports can be analyzed to show how these applications are being used. Workplace services can also help unify employees and departments, ensure the security of data, lower costs, provide consistency and structure throughout the business, empower employees to reach new heights of productivity. They can also monitor your systems to make sure issues are identified and corrected before further issues occur.

Workplace services are mandatory in the workplace especially the way technology keeps advancing. Workplace services have the ability to keep up with these technological advances and can offer so many benefits to your business. Once implementing these services in your business you will notice a difference in both your sales and employees.