In basic terms request fulfillment is a process that deals with small changes that are at low risk which does not have a significant effect on the system. The request fulfillment deal with the service for  user and this is  handled by third-party service and this includes various request that has been raised from the customer end. All the request raised from the customer end need not be the same and this may vary according to the different incidents.

As all the request must be planned and solve before they tend to occur for the customer end, in an organization there will be a large number of request to be handled and same action cannot be taken to fulfill the all the request and this has to be handled as a separate work stream . Every organization should be able to manage to the request fulfillment and this can be achieved if they have sufficient resource. “Request fulfillment for quick and effective access to resolve the queries “is the fulfillment quotes. A large number of request can be handled with efficient tools, skills and with sufficient resource.

Basics norms that are involved in Request fulfillment

Though these request is small changes and does not have the significant effect these requests occur persistent and effective method should be used to handle the request fulfillment the primary goal is to provide quick and effective access to standard request that occurs. The request fulfillment process is those which are said to be a predefined process that handles service request.

An effective way to handle Request fulfillment

  1. Documentation of request

All the request that occurs is to be documented and handled more effectively so that there no miss in the request handling this approach in handling the request fulfillment will be very effective speed up the delivery time and ensure customer satisfaction.

fulfillment cost

  1. Enhance the efficiency in handling the request fulfillment

When the worker has access to the standard service and product it will automatically increase the efficiency and productivity of the worker and the quality of the service will increase this will boost up the request fulfillment. This will enhance the efficiency in handling the request fulfillment.

  1. Reduce the cost for the user

On handling the request fulfillment dynamically there is an excellent possibility to reduce the fulfillment cost so that the company need not charge any extra amount for the user to act on the request. The service provider must be very efficient so that the cost is not increased for the user and can provide excellent service request fulfillment.

On handling, effectively the cost caused by errors can be avoided and the efficiency can be maximized. All the frequent occurring changes must be must be documented so that it will be easy to increase the action that can be taken to fulfill the request fulfillment and when the action is fulfilled it should be closed and the must check for the user satisfaction with the outcome.