Importance of Recognition for a student

trophies and awards

An award is a token of the honor that is given to any person or a group of people in the recognition of their excellence in any of the particular field. An award may be accompanied by the title certificate, trophy medal or memento. Awards are very much important for a person as it motivates him to excel more and help in increasing the results.  Giving awards to the students is most importa

nt as awards and trophies increase the enthusiasm of every student. When students are always given negative feedback they will feel down and will lack in putting the effort in the classroom. But when the students are given the positive feedback or recognition and are rewarded for a job, it will increase their interest towards the work. It is very natural that appreciation will let them continue to work hard and to give the best for the particular task, which can be easily done through trophies and awards.

Slight positive student recognition will do the wonders and will increase the morale and the enthusiasm about the work of the school and other activities. Most of the School organizes different events in both academics and other co-curricular activities so as t increase their interest and will increase their focus to achieve the position in the events.

Different ideas for the recognition

trophies and awards

 Here are few of the very easy ways to give the student’s recognition for every achievement. It will take very fewer efforts but a very small recognition gesture for any student will mean a lot for achieving.

Trophies and Awards: –

Honoring a student with the trophy and awards is the best way for all to recognize them. As it will motivate a student to achieve more Awards and trophies for every achievement.  As some of the students get in a habit of having a big collection of awards and trophies which keeps them motivated towards their future goals and help them in working hard.


Certificates are just like that of the different awards and the trophies but he only differences it Certificates can be carried out anywhere. Certificates are very helpful in getting the future job as a recruiter will prefer the candidate first who will have the more number of certificates in the field.

An announcement of the Achievement in the newsletter or the School Newspaper

Publishing the name of the Student along with its Achievement will bring recognition of him or her between the other students and will help in increasing the moral.  So in order to get his/her name in the newsletter students will give their full efforts to achieve it.

These are some of the ways in which Students can be recognized for their achievements in order to motivate them towards their goals.