As online investing continues to evolve, investment management companies or advisory robots have started to appear on the global web. With massive investments in technology to develop better low-cost services, the paradigm has shifted in terms of retirement planning, financial advisory services, and wealth management, creating great opportunities for the general public.

Here’s what this could mean for you:

Lowest price – flat rate!

There is no denying the exorbitant fees that traditional financial advisers charge their clients. For example, an investor starting with an investment portfolio of $ 200,000 can expect to pay approximately $ 2,500 a year to manage the investment using an average advisor fee of 1.25%. Considering this commission over a 20-year period could cost this investor more than $ 125,000 of his portfolio. This does not include any hidden wallet fees.

With the advent of robotic online consulting services, some of the best online financial advisers have been able to cut the fees investors have to pay for professional investment advice by more than half. Iron Peak Advisors has gone even further, charging a flat fee of only $ 15 per month per account, with annual costs reaching as low as $ 180.

Breaking the Limited Income Barrier!

While there are many financial advisers designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses at the expense of increased profitability, there are significantly fewer options for average Americans and small business owners seeking professional investment management.

Financial experts believe that online consulting has become a solution that meets the unique needs of people who have less money to invest at a lower cost. Its strategic objective is to help people and companies manage and grow their assets.

Robo Financial Advisors

Experience and credentials

The robo advisor app work with the goal of helping individuals and businesses achieve their investment goals. What make their services unique are the personalized service, private consultations, and online lessons. All of our investment advisers are licensed and supervised by FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Fee-free ETFs (exchange-traded funds)

ETFs are mutual funds that hold stocks, bonds, and cash. These investment instruments can be used to adequately diversify the client portfolio and minimize investment-related fees. Thanks to Iron Peak Advisors’ long-term relationship with TD Ameritrade, their custodian, they are able to offer commission-free ETFs to their clients for free, as long as the funds are not sold within 30 days. 

Buy mutual funds online!

Investment and finance consultant clearfunds has developed improved options for applicants who can open their account on the portal for free. Additional services are also offered, such as advice on choosing the best purchase; whereas instead of the usual brokerage, you only need to pay a one-time fixed transaction fee!

Clearfunds is your online investment advisor, robot advisor, financial advisor, or mutual fund advisor providing unbiased and dispassionate advice on the best mutual funds.