The modern office is increasingly dependent on the computer and online distribution of documents for efficient work. Although companies often communicate exclusively by electronic means, printed copies of documents are still needed for most companies. Contracts and other legal documents are good examples of where the need for physical copies is mandatory and, therefore, a company must have some printer that can handle the workload in the office and be profitable for the business. at the same time

Assess the needs of your printing business

Choosing an office printer perth is a matter of assessing the needs of your printing business and then looking at the full range of printers available to determine which ones best fit those needs while still meeting budget constraints. The questions that a company should ask themselves include: Does the company produce a large volume of printed materials? Should the printer be part of a network? Do you need high-quality color or photographic printing? Will you need to print on paper larger than A4?

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Once your needs assessment is complete, it is time to take a look at the variety of printer types

Generally speaking, for one company with occasional printing needs, such as monthly reports and possibly fax functions, one of the many economical multifunction printers is suitable. As the company expands, this printer can be safely replaced, knowing that the money lost due to depreciation will not cause too many losses in the company’s finances. Multifunction printers are economical, but they produce good quality prints. Still, they should not be used for companies that do more than the above, since the cost of supplies and repairs can make the entire company unprofitable compared to buying A more reliable printer first.


If your company needs a more reliable printer that can produce large volumes of documents at a relatively low cost, you should consider the actual office laser printer. These printers can consume much more wear than cheaper multifunction printers, and by using toner cartridges, operating costs can be significantly reduced. A typical monochromatic office laser printer can produce about a thousand pages in a single toner cartridge.

Check the capacity of the paper feed tray

When choosing an office printer, consider the capacity of the paper feed tray. A tray that is too small will lead to constant travel to fill the tray, which is not exactly what you need in a busy office, because it takes time and leads to print queues. In a busy office where the printer is used regularly throughout the day, you may need a printer with a tray containing at least 250 sheets. A useful alternative is to use a printer with two different tray sizes. Standard A4 paper can be loaded in one tray, and paper of a different size, for example, Letter or A3 paper, can be loaded in another.