Nowadays, most companies and businesses rely on the use of technology, wherein computers and other smart devices are part of the everyday lives of people. That’s why they took it as an advantage and used it as their strength. But there are still a lot of issues with regards to the use of technology especially on the network side of the company.

The weakness of every company is its users who do not know how to safely use their network. Because sometimes, most of the users will just plug an external drive without even scanning it or realizing that it already has a virus. They will transfer the said virus to the other computer through an unsecured network or through injecting the flash drive into other computers within the company. This will cause a lot of problems to the users without them knowing it, and most especially in the IT Department who handles the network infrastructure of the said premises. Another reason for being hacked easily is because of the phishing website or links that people always click due to a lack of knowledge about how the computer network works.

Reasons Why The Network is Vulnerable

There are many reasons why many companies can easily be hacked by anonymous people who are knowledgeable in computer networks. The Black Hat Hackers are one of those groups of people who are always looking for a weak security network to be their next victim. They do it to intimidate businesses to give them a huge amount of money in exchange for the private data that they get through exploitation. That is why many companies today invested so much money to have a strong firewall that can help them to fully secure their network. A firewall is a device that secures the networks by filtering traffic and denying unknown devices who want to enter the network without proper permission from the Network Engineer. One of the specific responsibilities of a firewall is threat detection and response. By having this amazing defense, surely, this company will just kick any malicious traffic passing through their network. And it will surely lessen the chance of being hacked by those attackers.

A firewall can easily do network detection and response in just a matter of seconds. They just need to configure it smartly to utilize its full capacity for them to be fully secure and safe around the local and external network. Surely, the firewall will be the biggest core of any company because of its reliability and resiliency. It can do a lot more than just securing networks. So for those businesses out there who are still in doubt or scared of their security, it’s already the sign to go and get your own firewall, surely, all the money you put into it will not be wasted.