Water storage solutions and tank types

Do you have water shortage? If yes, do you have solutions for it? Well! certainly there is a solution for all the water problems. Sometimes rainwater harvesting maybe used by the people who face shortage of water. But storing water in large amounts can be an issue. So, water tanks can used for storing water in large amounts.

Sometimes, unfortunately when a fire incident occurs  the fire tanks in which large amount of water is stored particularly for this purpose are used.

Most of the water Tanks range of  Fire Tanks have been accepted and used extensively for the storage of water for firefighting in a wide range of projects.

Most probably  rainwater is naturally soft, oxygenated, and is an exceptionally high quality water source. Hence it can be used for various purposes by storage them in large tanks.

As water resources are limited, stormwater runoff/pollution problems, rainwater harvesting is an excellent choice for your water supply.

Types of tanks

Commercial water tanks

This commercial ground water tanks use a contemporary lap jointed design which has no internal ledgers which makes it easier for the water to be retained. The transportation and  assembly of these tanks is very easy and that is what makes them popular around the globe. A standard size container fits a 5 million water tanks.

Numerous sizes are available, specifically tailored for your needs. Below are the three most common variants:

Tuned damper tanks, square tanks and round tanks.


These tanks are widely used for a range of applications which includes:

  1. Rainwater
  2. Rural water
  3. Farm
  4. Fire water
  5. Community water storage
  6. Demineralised water
  7. Wastewater and
  8. Treated water.

These tanks are also used for other purposes such as Landscape and Irrigation, Emergency Storage/Back up, Livestock Water Supply Whatever the water needs, these tanks provide a custom solution for you!


The tanks are made of standard sized sheets of galvanized steel or stainless steel. All of the tanks come standard with the roof, external, ladder, inlet, outlet, flow and drain.

Because of the design of our water tanks, they can be assembled on-site.

Depending upon the size of the tank, the roof will be flat or up to a pitch of of 5 degrees. The roof of the round tanks are self supporting. Typically the flat slab which is at least 1000 mm larger than the tank dimensions.

The materials panels or colours vary from one another. Some of them are galvanized steel stainless steel 304 2B & 316 2B, Galvanised steel with SS304 or SS316 Nozzles Powder coated Galvanised Steel (standard Dulux range).

A Non-standard fittings greater than 250mm are also available by request.

Standard nozzles (flanged, screwed, roll groove) 15mm – 250mm and PVC glue type flanges from 50mm-375mm.

RT Gasket Tanks

The round gasket tanks consist of a fully bolted floor and walls with high density foam gasket seals.

RT Liner Tanks

The most common Mega panel tank product consists of a bolted shell with a liner within, (HD PVC, polypropylene or butynol), in both non-potable or potable.