It’s the era of Internet of Things and nobody will want to be locked out. Businesses that have already welcomed the topnotch idea of using optic fibers in their gas and oil drilling businesses are a living proof that the Internet of Things is here to last and if well implanted will be a lasting solution to many business problems. The adoption of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems is still in the early stages so not many gas and oil companies have made the most out of it. As for the few companies that have invested in this technology, they faced real challenges trying to find the best company to partner with. Those intending to partner with good fiber optics and distributed acoustic sensor manufacturers ought to pay a keen eye on various things.

Reputation and Track Record

Unsuspecting business operators who don’t pay attention to the things that matter most when selecting optic fiber companies to end up in the hands of cons who take them for a ride.  There are many companies that claim to stock, sell, and install distributed acoustic sensors amongst which aren’t to be trusted. In your hunt for the best companies, you should check out their reputation. You need to work with the best company that has an established reputation for your experience to be smooth and profitable.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing Company

Experienced Team of Experts

Good distributed acoustic sensing systems providers should have a team of talented and experienced specialists in all the sectors. So many processes are involved in the production and sale of distributed acoustic sensors which require specialized expertise. Trusting your fiber optics and distributed acoustic sensor installation work to companies that don’t have trained and experienced experts will only lead to poor service delivery. Always make sure you settle for companies you can always count on to deliver high-end services.

Customer Care

There are many things that would require the intervention of skilled customer care representations during and after the purchase and installation of distributed acoustic sensors. When you trust a company that doesn’t have the best customer care representatives, you always risk disappointments. Make sure you confirm about the kind of customer care team the company you wish to partner with has. You wouldn’t want a situation where you partner with a company that ends up disappointing you.


There are many things you should check out when selecting a distributed acoustic sensing supplier and install. We have just given an overview of the core things you must pay attention to when you are making your selection. Be sure to check out all these considerations for your partnerships and experiences to be a success. Make sure you are getting a company you can always count on any time and all the time.