The Dr. Phil Show is probably one of the most popular television talk shows of all time. This long-running talk show is hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw. He uses the show as a platform to tell stories about real people. And there are segments of the show where he would introduce his wife, Robin McGraw, to the audience. Many are curious about who she really is as well as the Net worth Robin McGraw. If you too want to know more about her, then read on.

The Early Years…

Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw first met at Fort Worth, Texas’s Southwest Texas State University. They have been together since the 70s. When they met, Dr. Phil worked as a bouncer at a local club, and Robin worked at the university as a job counselor. They immediately had a connection and have been together for almost 40 years now.

Today, they are two of the most famous and wealthiest stars in show business. It is believed that their combined wealth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Dr. Phil has since started his popular daytime television show and has written a best-selling book. Robin on the other hand is also a businesswoman and a best-selling author. Together, Dr. Phil and Robin are a power couple and have built up a reputation and wealth in the entertainment industry.

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Dr. Phil and Robin – Successful Careers

It was in the early 80s when Dr. Phil started his career as a mental health and human behavior specialist. Dr. Phil became a prominent name in the medical community. And because of his success in this field, he was asked to appear on a number of radio and television shows. And in 2002, his talk show “The Dr. Phil Show” was first aired.

Robin McGraw did not only shine as the wife of Dr. Phil. She too has become one of the most successful authors and businesswomen. “Inside My Heart,” one of her many books, was a big hit when it came out in 2006. In addition, she also ventured into makeup and skincare and launched her own line called “Robin McGraw Revelation.”

Two of the Wealthiest in the Industry

Now you are probably wondering, how rich are Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw? Their combined wealth is over $400 million. It is believed that Dr. Phil’s net worth is around $400 million, whereas Robin’s is about $25 million. Together, Dr. Phil and Robin have truly found a way to achieve their dreams and goals in life. From their humble beginnings, they have turned their lives around and have brought success to the family.