IT outsourcing services is similar to that of an IT managed service provider (MSP). But, with the development of the IT industry, it has been made into two separate sectors with individual characteristics and work. In most cases, both outsourcing service provider and the managed service provider are being combined together. Although their concepts are similar, that is, they provide assistance to the IT companies by lending their work, they have slight variations that make them different. Outsourcing has become one of the biggest trends in the IT industry. Many companies are turning out to outsourcing services.

IT outsourcing service is the service that has been rendered to an IT company by an external party. In outsourcing service, all the work and needs that are related to the IT sector are being assigned to outsourcing service providers. In some cases of outsourcing, the employees of the company are being sent to the outsourcing company. The outsourcing company will also provide a personnel assistance to the business company as a messenger or an intermediate between the client company and the outsourcing company. The IT managed service is a management tool whereas IT outsourcing service is a deployment tool.

Some of the common areas that are associated with outsourcing services are

  • Accounting
  • Customer report and service
  • Human resource management
  • Facilities management
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing
  • Computer aided design
  • Research
  • Design
  • Content writing
  • Engineering and
  • Legal documentation

Outsourcing also works on the principle of sub contraction. This means, providing a part of the company’s work to a third party member and completing it. Here, the work is performed under the client’s name. They are also being hired for completing tasks like application services and infrastructure solutions for the outcomes of a business. Some of the major companies hire outsourcing services.

The advantages of reaching out to an IT outsourcing service provider are

  • The outsourcing service providers cut down the cost of completing a task and make it pocket friendly
  • The efficiency of the work will be improved if it is assigned to an IT outsourcing service provider.
  • Time will be saved for the IT company if the task is given to the outsourcing dealer.
  • The company can concentrate on the core areas and their primary tasks if they distribute the other work to the specified agents.
  • The IT companies will be able to get the work done faster and better.

Thus, IT outsourcing services have become an integral part of the IT industry’s chain and they help in the overall growth of the IT sector. With the help of IT outsourcing services, the IT companies will be able to get global knowledge about their work and end up becoming better