Businesses will always have a need to store goods, furniture or business valuables at several points in time. Self-storage or business equipment that needs storing in Aylesbury can be achieved a lot easier than you may have imagined.

City Store has a brand-new business and self-storage centre based in Aylesbury, and it is the ideal location for companies, small, medium or large; to invest in space where small, medium and large units are available around the clock.

The storage centre at City Store in Aylesbury is based in Smeaton Close. This location can be found at the back of the Broad Fields Retail Park. The centre provides access 24 hours via a secure card key which all business customers will be issued with at the time of opening an account with some storage needs. However, the opening hours are long and access is always free of charge, once your business has placed goods within the secure units.

There is a current special offer where businesses can get 50 per cent off storage rental fees during the first two months. Business storage in the town of Aylesbury really is the perfect go-to solution for businesses, regardless of company size.

This is because the storage units here are wide ranging. The smallest units are just 8 foot square and the largest go up to 2,000 square feet. The access system is achieved by means of a pin code at the main gate but it should be noted that all units are individually alarmed.

The site is covered by CCTV and there is ample space for parking. But what about moving stock from unit to your own business vehicle?

On site there are a number of readily-available pallet trucks or trolleys on hand to use and shift those bulky items easily to your own vehicle.

Loading and unloading is a breeze, as the bays are wide and you’ll find nobody gets in your way. There is also a facility to transfer from a large storage unit to a smaller one for free (or vice versa). City Store recognises that the needs of the business changes from week to week and storage requirements may differ widely throughout the year.

To contact City Store in Aylesbury, call 01296 330 500 and discuss the storage requirements to see if it becomes a good fit for your company.