The mini storage industry hasn’t been quite stable in Hong Kong. That’s likely because it is still a new sector and customers aren’t yet aware. It may even be due to the small number of active players. No matter the reason, the emerging of Hong Kong Mini Storage companies like is going to have a positive impact on this industry.

Who Is Minibox Self-Storage

Minibox self-storage is a Hong Kong-based self-storage company offering solutions to space-starved businesses and homeowners.  Minibox has in place hundreds of differently sized and shaped storage units that are ideal for storing common household and corporate possessions like business inventory, sports equipment, bikes, furniture, and out-of-season clothing. Besides self-storage services, we offer free parking and free pickups and drop offs. Our systems have fully equipped with premium fire protection systems and all-weather capabilities.

More About Our Store Facilities

Minibox operates conveniently in two main Hong Kong Locations. These are the major auto expressways and MTRS. We are proud to be Hong Kong’s best self-storage service provider who has invested widely on innovation, safety, and security. All our storage systems come with sprinkler and warning systems to keep your valuables safe from any potential disasters. We are always available to serve you any time all the time.

Why Minibox Should Be Your All Time Self-Storage Services Provider

Most Hong Kong businesses and homeowners have come to like us. That’s not just because we have a great team of marketers but because of our great dedication in the provision of high-quality and innovative self-storage facilities.  Let’s have a look at the main reasons we are still the best self-storage service provider all over Hong Kong.

  • Cost-effective—our self-storage units are available in multiple types, sizes, and shapes. The cost differs based on size and design. Regardless of your preferences, you will find a good self-storage unit that matches your budget.
  • Highly versatile and flexible—our storage units aren’t limited to a specific group of people. They are ideal for business operators, homeowners, startups, and students. Your objectives for investing in storage units do not matter as long as you subscribe to our terms.
  • Easily accessible—with our storage units, you can access your possessions any time no matter the time of day or week. We have facilities in most parts of Hong Kong so choose a unit close to your home or business and you will never regret.
  • Innovative and stylish—our units are highly stylish and innovative. They match the personal lifestyle preferences of everyone. It really does not matter what you want to store and for how long you would want to do so.
  • Great security—all our self-storage units come with 24-hour video surveillance and PIN code access. The systems are multi-layered to help keep off intruders from accessing your possessions. They are kept in well-secured rooms that are properly monitored by qualified security guards.


Thinking of investing in self-storage units in Hong Kong, it’s time you invested in well-known and reputable service providers like With us, you won’t regret as we promise to deliver quality and affordable services all the time.