Your coins are valuable, that is not sugarcoating. If you look for “coins dealers near me” online, it will direct you to a bunch of sites related to it. However, you have to make sure that the coin you are selling is bought at the rate at which it is worth.

How will you be able to determine if the coins you are selling will make good money?

  1. Excellent Reputation

Parting with your precious old coins for whatever reason would be difficult. Being ripped off in the bargain makes it much worse. Better to do some legwork and find the coin dealer who would give you the best deal.

Take advantage of the internet and search online. You can see their ratings. The current status and details on their prior dealings can also be viewed. Take the time to read through the comments to get a better idea of how they do business. This, too, will give you a picture of the dealer’s reputation in the field.

News travels fast. Coin enthusiasts will be happy to give you their 2-cents worth and pass on what they might have heard about this particular dealer.

The dealer’s membership in a reputable organization like the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) or American Numismatic Association (ANA) gives you a vote of confidence that makes you feel more comfortable doing business with them. PNG and ANA set high standards for their members. You are assured of the dealer’s legitimacy and quality of service.

  1. Expertise Through Experience

Expertise is acquired through practice and years of experience. There is, unfortunately, no shortcut to it. With a lot of different fields of numismatics, a coin dealer normally specializes in one. Visiting a coin dealer who is an expert of the particular set you are offering would be advantageous. They can give you the best options and might even be willing to pay just a little bit more.

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  1. Well Established

Longevity in the field speaks well of any merchant. Being in business for quite a time means they have survived market fluctuations. Therefore more stable. A well-established presence in the trade also indicates financial stability. You can look forward to dealing with them for a considerable amount of time considering their great track record.

A good and lasting business relationship between buyer and seller eliminates the risk of being a victim of scams. It also results in better deals and win-win situations.

  1. Honesty and Integrity

Good work ethics are invaluable in every business transaction. A merchant’s ethical standards will dictate how they interact with clients, how they seek to make a profit and in the overall running of the business.

Business communities and organizations have codes of ethics. They must be strictly complied with to be fair to everyone involved.

Observe your dealer and ask around for some sort of feedback. A dealer’s work ethics spells the difference between a fair deal and being duped.

  1. Gives a Fair Deal

To get the best and most fair price your treasured coin collection, it would be wise to fully understand their value. You can do a little research by reading some books or browsing online. It might even be fun to come to coin shows or attend seminars and lectures.

Another way of potentially getting the best price would be to go to several shops and having them make an offer. This will give you a good idea of how much they are actually worth.

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