Your windows are important essentials that play a crucial role in your house. They provide a design element, allow natural light to get into the room, and protect the interior from outside elements. Now, just like other areas of a house, windows can sometimes demand a replacement. If this is what you’re thinking, then I believe you must be asking yourself questions such as can a general contractor install windows?

You see, if it’s your first-time replacing windows, there’s always that uncertainty that comes with the process. There’s the issue of the cost, the time, and the professionalism of the installer and sometimes, you might be in a dilemma wondering whether to get a general contractor or a pro window installer.

So, Do You Need a General Contractor to Install Windows?

So, to remove any doubts from your mind, this short post will discuss why it’s important to get a general contractor for window installation. We’ll also list some tips you can follow when hiring a general contractor as well as evaluate whether to pick a general contractor or opt for a window installer. So, why is a general contractor a smart pick to begin with?

  1. They Offer Expert Advice

The first advantage of hiring a general contractor is that they offer professional advice depending on your situation. Since they’re experienced on how to handle window installation jobs, they’re able to oversee the project and even advise if other areas such as the roofing, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning system need servicing.

Another thing about general contractors is that they have immense knowledge about the market. Therefore, they will offer advice about the best window brands and models and which option to choose for your home style without exceeding your budget.

  1. They Help with Project Analysis and Planning

You see, general contractors are professionals with years of knowledge. So, by hiring such a professional, he/she will try to understand your goals and objectives and then find ways on how to transform those suggestions into a great project.

  1. Have Exposure to Quality Brands

One good thing with general contractors is that they’re well exposed to top brands and window manufacturers that offer the latest technologies and designs related to windows. Since these companies update their products and technological advances routinely, contractors can suggest the best window upgrades that will match your style and demand.

  1. Warranty Protection

Lastly, there’s the benefit of quality performance and satisfaction. You see, a general contractor will always aim to give you the best to build his/her work profile. Therefore, he/she will offer you quality work and professional support.

Windows Installation

How Do General Contractors Install New Windows?

Now that you’ve decided to choose a general contractor for your window replacement job, how then does the process go? First, contractors can perform two types of window replacements. The first is a pocket replacement where a contractor replaces only the window while the second is a full-frame replacement where both the window and the surrounding frame are replaced.

Now, which option is best between these two? Well, this will depend on the situation. For instance, a full-frame replacement will be required where both the window and the frame are severely damaged. This option can also be considered if you’re looking to completely change the style of your windows.

As for a pocket replacement, this one is considered when the window has slight damage and the option is faster and cheaper.

Window Installation Process

  • Step One: Preparation

So, at this stage, we’re assuming you’ve hired a professional contractor to do the job. We also assume you’ve discussed everything with the contractor and the replacement windows have already arrived.

With everything ready, all you need is to prepare the house by moving the furniture to a working distance away from the windows. You should also take pets and kids to a friend or a close relative to pave the way for the job to be done efficiently.

  • Step Two: Removal and Frame Preparation

Once everything is out of the way, your contractor will proceed to remove the windows in case of a pocket replacement. In case of severe damage, the crew will be forced to remove the windows and the frames in what is called a full-frame replacement.

Once the frame is removed, the raw opening of the window will be exposed. Here, your contractor will access and seal any damages around the edges.

  • Step Three: Replacement

Once repairs on the drywall are through, the crew will repaint the drywall before sliding in a new frame. The crew will then install the new window. As for the pocket replacement, your contractor will only fit in a new window and that’s all.

  • Step Four: Cleanup

So, once the job is done, your general contractor will finalize by walking you through the windows to access the quality of the job. In the meantime, the rest of the crew will clean up the work area to make sure it’s clean. Here, you’ll learn how to operate the windows and how to maintain them to ensure they last long. In case of any questions, this is usually the best time to ask.

General Contractor vs. Window Installer: Which one is Best?

Now that you’ve learned the process of installing windows in your house, the final task is to think of whether to hire a general contractor or a professional window installer to handle the job. Earlier on, we discussed some pros of hiring a general contractor.

One of the benefits we mentioned with general contractors is that they have a wider experience with home remodeling jobs. So, other than the windows, they can repair the ceiling, the plumbing system, the heating, the roofing, and the air conditioning system.

But, for a professional window installer, this is an expert trained for this specific area meaning they offer specialized services. So, here, you’ll receive top-notch higher-quality installation and a better warranty.


So,can a general contractor install windows? Well, from what we’ve discussed, I believe you now have an answer. However, before picking a general contractor, you need to first check their qualifications and references. Here, you need to check whether they have licenses and liability insurance to ensure they’re covered financially in case of a problem.

Also, you need to ask relevant questions before and during the job to ensure you’re well-updated in every milestone.