In case if you are looking to rent a private office where one of your office team can work remotely to assist a client or work on location which is near to client office, you can look for If you are not comfortable in renting a workspace in unknown location, you can always test the water before deciding. Exactly for this reason we are providing the weekly and daily passes. You can opt for the weekly pass to check the work conditions for a week before deciding to rent the private workspace for much longer period.

If you are an entrepreneur who is just starting the business and in need of the base and does not need to come to office more than twice or thrice during a week then our basis membership will be the perfect for you. You will get access to our virtual community, mobile app, member events and will have 8 hours of access to workspace access every month. If you need office space temporarily this plan will suit you perfectly. Our co working membership will fit superbly to freelancer who will be looking for workplace but does not need their own dedicated private workspace. You will have access to open lounges and have all the facilities of office. In addition to this you will have 6 hour access to conference halls per month and will have access to hi speed internet connection all the time. You will be getting to network with other like mind professionals due to which you can spread your business.

In case if you don’t like to mingle with others in open lounge and want a dedicated work desk,   we do have separate plan for professionals like you. You will be getting dedicated work desk and a room which you can lock after keeping your valuables inside. You will have the around the clock access to the workspace so that you can work at your own comfort. You will have access to private meeting rooms and conference rooms 6 hours per month as per the plan so that you can book them when required through the app. Also you will have the access to lounge where you can mingle with likeminded people and expand your network. If you choose our full time co working pass, you will get lot of perks as per the plan. You don’t need to pay anything for using the utilities, access to high speed wifi, phone booths, and free amenities like fresh coffee, tea and water. You can take part in the membership events which will be conducted from time to time. Also you will have unlimited access to our café. You will be getting dedicated parking space, mail boxes and media entertainment room to cool off yourself. Private workspace will save you from investing in large amounts for a temporary work location. Instead you can use the same for other works. It is one of easiest and simplest way to rent the work place with all the facilities and with no hidden charges.