SharePoint Online is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and cloud services can be accessed from any computer, tablet, smartphone or other device connected to the Internet. Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Service is a very reliable and secure platform that improves productivity. Collaboration between offices, branches in different time zones and on different continents has become very fast and easy thanks to the services of SharePoint Online, which saves time and increases profits. SharePoint Online has provided a continuous exchange of documents, spreadsheets and important business data.

Several SharePoint consulting services recommend Office 365 SharePoint for business productivity.

SharePoint Online, developed in 2001 by Microsoft to integrate content and manage documents on an intranet, is used in conjunction with Microsoft. It went through several levels of changes to absorb important and useful process integration functions, social network functionality, business intelligence tools, and system integration capabilities, in the recently developed SharePoint 2013, offered with office 365 implementation. This includes functions Advanced and interesting in the document management, social networks and search functionality.

Since the invention of servers in the main offices, it has become commonplace to have its own data center for data storage. Cloud services revolutionized the process. Thanks to cloud services, there is a transition from local services to cloud services, because organizations do not need to manage hardware and software updates or manage organizations that host these servers.

The additional benefits of accessing data from anywhere are simplification, more advanced collaboration applications. Cloud services help deliver hardware or software resources over the Internet or similar networks. Therefore, we can say that the cloud is a space on the Internet, and not a data center or physical server that stores content that can be accessed, shared or collaborated with. Cloud services helped business organizations reduce the time spent managing their business database, allowing them to focus on more important issues.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service that is the ultimate combination of Office 365 SharePoint on the web, Office, Lync and Microsoft Exchange. Any organization that wishes to collaborate internally or with its partners can choose Office 365 SharePoint Online with its functions, such as email and conferences, web applications, storage and communications. Features such as an office anywhere, social networking functions, self-service business intelligence and fluid coordination, industry-leading cloud security, make Office365 SharePoint Online an excellent alternative.


SharePoint Online is a cost-effective alternative because platform updates, storage space, extranet implementations and a random server crash are some of the disadvantages of traditional local methods. Microsoft Office 365, combined with SharePoint Online, forms a powerful option for local methods.