An advertising agency is also referred to as a “creative agency” or often called an ad agency. The business is dedicated to these methods:

  • creating
  • planning
  • handling advertising
  • other forms of marketing and promotion

What does agency mean?

An advertising agency creates the advertisements, plans when, how, and where to be delivered, and hands them over to the customer. The agency will work on all the efforts to sell the products of the clients. There is a group of experts in particular fields helping the company to reach the target customers easily.

advertising agency

The role of the agency

It creates an advertisement through the information basis gathered on the product. The agency will make research on the company, product, and the customers’ reactions. Also, it works on planning for:

  1. type of media to be used
  2. when and where to be used
  3. how much period to be used

Feedbacks are to be collected from the clients and the customers before deciding on the added line of action. All organizations and companies can do this work on their own. They can create ads or prints to advertise on TVs or some other media places and manage the accounts too. But, why do they need a creative agency?

Here are the reasons behind getting an agency by the companies:

  • An agency is an expert on this job. The team has different roles of members performing different functions, such as:
    • copywriters
    • art directors
    • planners, etc.
  • An agency makes optimum use of these people, their knowledge, and their experience.
  • These experts work with a goal and are very professionals.
  • Hiring them saves the cost.

Types of advertising agencies

There are five basic types of advertising agencies:

  1. Full-service agencies. These are large-sized agencies that deal with all the advertisement agencies. There are also different expert people working in different departments. They start by gathering data and analyzing it. It ends with paying bills to the media individuals.
  2. Interactive agencies. It has modernized modes of communication. With the use of online advertisements, personal messages about the business will be sent on mobile phones. The advertisements are very interactive with new concepts and remarkably innovative.
  3. Creative boutiques. Innovative and very creative ads are created. There is no other function, which is performed than creating actual ads. It is a small-sized agency with directors, creative people, and copywriters.
  4. Media buying agencies. The agency buys places to advertise and sells to the advertisers. You can sell the time in which the ad will be placed.
  5. In-house agencies. It is a full-service agency. The big company prefers this agency, which is built and working for them only.

These are specialized agencies working for some specialized ads. These agencies need people with special knowledge in the field. As an example, advertisements show:

  • social messages
  • finance promotions
  • medicine-related advertisements, etc.