In this world full of different types of devices, people are living in a virtual world along with this real world., here social media is a technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas thoughts and information by building virtual networks and communities the rise of social media provided an opportunity for organizations to reach customers in a much cheaper way. great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to businesses.

There are about 4.5 billion social media users around the world among which WhatsApp alone have over 2 billion monthly active users this provides companies with a large user base at a single platform where they can directly interact with each user sending them product references, details according to the users need an answer to the queries of the users. In WhatsApp, companies can interact with users through text, images, and voice and can also share locations documents, videos, and many more providing a great user experience to the customers.

whatsapp web api

I like the other social media platforms, in WhatsApp about 90% of the messages are opened within 24 hours providing a high response rate to the companies, making it a perfect platform for customer care services. but handling such a large number of users single handling is not possible. For solving this problem WhatsApp has opened an application program interface (API) for business accounts. This helps you to integrate WhatsApp and Web API to your app sites or system to send and receive text messages, pictures, audio, and emojis on WhatsApp across the globe. Through whatsapp web api businesses can deal with unlimited customer queries, requests, or feedback sent via WhatsApp it can be managed and handled by several agents at the same time.

WhatsApp Web API also enhances customer engagement at scale by providing the feature of chatbots, this is a computer program used to stimulate online chat conversation with human users via text or text to speech That automates answers to repeated questions letting your team focus on more important tasks can automatically cut customer services overhead cost. Along with that whenever the bot encounters a problem the chat can be routed to the right agent, deducing customer fallout and reaction time. therefore, enhancing the user experience with this hybrid system. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encrypted messaging services that ensure the privacy of the data. using the API allows you to get interactive dashboards that help you to anticipate customers’ needs and analyze your team’s performance using metrics. this helps you to get insights into popular work and make business goals according to the analytics and reporting generated. This enables you to accelerate sales and drive better customer support outcomes on the platform.