The crypto boom which is been experiencing across the globe currently is no surprise that there are hundreds of mining ventures for bitcoin which are been released in the market on the daily basis. Atriark is among one of them, which are advertising itself into the market as a cloud mining project which will help in delivering amazing profits to the customers which are having short turnarounds times.

What Atriark actually is? 

After investigating, we have found very little data in relation to the Atriark. However, in the past few years its popularity has risen very much. The founders are claiming that everyone can use this platform and it is allowing for safe and very secure mining. However, when we look at the legal documents of company it is stated clearly that Atriark is not offering the investment services and neither is it operating as a brokerage firm. It is very perplexing because on one side, Atriark claims to mine the bitcoin on behalf of others and in the next instant; it steers away from the fact in its legal disclaimer.

Various Aspects for this cryptocurrency Mining pool 

Requirement of Huge Initial investment

There are other crypto investments platforms, which are usually offering their customers the investment option, which is as low as 10 to 100 $. Atriark requires minimum of 1000$ for the customers to start with it.

No Market Backing 

Atriark is asking for larger investments from its customers but any large corporation or the financial institution does not back them. This means that the risks which involved in such kind of investments is very high because of no security which are been offered on the money.

A deep inisght into an Atriark

Lacking of Information

After conducting various checks online, we are not able to find any pertinent background details, which can link Atriark to a group or the person. Additionally through the standard who is search we have found out that the domain is registered privately and registration date,the third party software also hides date. Therefore, it is impossible to see the details of the owner who is handling this entire operation.

Misleading Information 

The company is claiming that it is been active from last 17 years. But it sounds very suspicious because there are not a single company who is associated with Atriark

No Details of Team and Employee

There are no information present for the core team members who are all behind this. Even the site is claiming that the registrant is based in Seattle but the company is claiming that it has its headquarters in Missouri.

No Plans of Investment

Unlike many other fraudulent ventures which are laying out it various lending plans on their website,there is no mention of any investment schemes from Atriark.