When searching for an organization that is capable of offering you policies that are capable of providing you with suitable financial assistance on matters children protection and safeguarding their future is non-other than Cigna Insurance. We offer an all around healthcare insurance protection to your children when unfortunate and unexpected events occur and ensure peace of mind and security towards saving for your child. Our company has a variety of insurance policies, but the recommended one for children is Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan. This plan has enabled parents to reap huge upon maturity, and we believe it’s the most profound way for you to prepare and also invest in your kids’ health which we consider as wealth and future too. A child’s welfare and well-being is the most top priority of any parent. That concern and deep thought as a company that values perfect health among the society especially children come up with this brand new product or solution as we like seeing it. Parents through this fantastic product get a comprehensive solution for their children concerning healthcare protection and additionally an accumulation of wealth through the saving with guaranteed incredible returns.

Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan

We are calling this product or solution the friendly companion to every parent relieving them of anxiety, pressure, and stress in case of occurrence of the unexpected to their child’s or children health. Children are angelic, a masterpiece of creation but very fragile and prone to so many incidences such as colds, exposure to germs, being born with some health conditions, injuries during, etc. this makes parents paranoid of fearful but we are a solution to that. Below is everything you expect when you take this cover for your child or children.

Significant benefits derived from Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan

Taking note of the word “Refundable” is vital since it’s the matter of fact. Upon maturity of the plan period, parents get a refund of the money remitted as the premium of Up to 118% returns in cash value. What is a better plan to save than this surely!! You not only know that your child’s health is secured but also monetary support to plan for his future too.

Apart from the monetary reward, there is also a benefit on critical illness on a child. The cover takes into consideration about 16 critical diseases affecting children such as coronary diseases, cancer among others. In what we refer to as wellness child’s benefit is also part of this fantastic product package where it takes care of expenses for annual treatment, screening/ health checkups or preventive diagnosis on cases such as oral health, vision, and vaccinations. The best way of monitoring a child’s health, growth, and development by a parent is this. And that’s why this plan earned its place as a number one all around healthcare insurance protection to your children.

Other benefits derived

In case of your child is admitted to a hospital, the plan pays up to $1,500 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) daily remittances. Again there is a premium waiver benefit given to a parent. In case they purchased this incredible plan before 51 years of age and passed away before maturity of the policy, the child or children continue to receive protection without paying any future premiums until the maturity of the plan. This waiver also takes into consideration the disability of the sponsor who may be a parent for six months consecutively.