A diamond buying guide is a very essential thing if you are planning to buy diamonds. The most precious and expensive gemstone is diamond and its demand is never-ending. There are different kinds of diamonds available and one such beautiful diamond is the pink diamond.

The pink diamond is considered as one of the exclusive diamonds that is not found everywhere. Few regions are famous for pink diamond such as Western Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and Canada.

Some of the necessary guidelines to buy a pink diamond are follows:

Know What Pink Diamond Is

In order to become a smart pink diamond buyer one has to understand the true identity of a natural pink diamond and the relevant factors. The common concept is that the pink diamond is pinkish in colour only. But it is not so as pink diamond is just a variety of diamonds that has multiple intensity of colours. This is an expensive diamond and not all the pink diamonds are of high quality.

Colour Variants

Out of all the variants of colour diamonds that are found on earth, the colour pink and the other shades close to it are the most desirable. Pink diamonds come in various shades such as rose pink, light purple, blush pink, pale pink, light blue, brown pink and reddish pink. One can artificially create these beautiful colours in a laboratory with the help of modern technology. Yet the natural stones hold the preciousness. To read more about the variety of colours and their availability, get information from online resources.

Mysteriously Rare

Since pink diamonds are not available throughout the world they are extremely rare. These diamonds are regarded as the rarest because of their colours and availability. In Western Australia, the Argyle mine is the best place to get the exclusive quality pink diamond. There are few other pink diamond mines present in some parts of the world but the quality of diamonds reduced there are not exclusive. Even the natural colour creation of pink diamond is still a mystery.

Colour Gradation System

Pink diamonds are graded according to the colour variants and it is always done with the help of the colour composition of the diamond. You will find that in the graduation certificate there are always two or three colours mentioned in the description. Each pink diamond has a primary hue with secondary shades. This is the reason pink diamonds are found in brown pink, reddish pink, purple pink and so on.

Price Factor

The price depends upon the secondary colour factor of a pink diamond. If the secondary colour is rare the price of the diamond will be extremely expensive. For instance, a pink diamond with a purple tone as secondary colour is exclusive because the purple tone is rare.

When you plan to buy an extraordinary piece of pink diamond it is always advisable that you keep the necessary tips in mind. You may consult with a gemstone expert so that you can find an original pink diamond. Be it jewellery or an heirloom, your pink diamond is always going to be a wealth of a lifetime.