Everybody loves to travel with their family. Together, one can enjoy and share memories that last a lifetime. It’s a great bonding time where all the members of the family can interact, explore and take a tom of photos!

Medical emergencies and other unforeseen situations can make travelling overseas with family expensive. Your family needs travel health insurance. Travel insurance covers any unexpected hazards at a low cost. Online travel insurance is available. Travel insurance is necessary to protect your family from travel accidents.

Many countries require international travel insurance when ordering tickets. Domestic travel insurance is crucial. Family travel insurance covers everyone. This travel insurance typically covers two adults and four dependent children. It protects the family from travel-related financial risks.

Family travel insurance benefits

travel insurance

Buying individual travel insurance for a family holiday abroad is laborious. When travelling abroad with your family, family travel insurance is essential.

Family travel insurance has several benefits. Family travel insurance saves you from buying individual plans for each family member. The total insured covers all family members, so you pay one premium. Standard travel insurance plans cost more.

Your family can customise the insurance plan. Single-trip, multi-trip, and year-round travel insurance plans are available. Family travel insurance is economically better than individual policies. Family travel insurance covers personal injury, medical evacuation, repatriation, and other unexpected events.

Many family travel insurance firms offer cashless claims, online renewal, minimum documentation, international help, and affordable premiums.

Family travel insurance coverage?

Find out the sum insured and number of travel-related difficulties covered before choosing a family travel insurance plan. Travel insurance often includes emergency cash advance, daily hospital cash, etc.

Here are some unforeseen situations that most family travel insurance policies cover

  • Emergency medical expenses incurred abroad due to injury, illness, or demise
  • Accidental injuries while touring
  • Travel insurance covers a family member’s trip and stay if you’re hospitalised for more than a certain number of days
  • Family travel insurance covers medical evacuation costs
  • In the event of a traveller’s demise, it covers the cost of returning their remains to their home country or burying them abroad
  • It covers accidental passing away or permanent disability
  • It pays for airline baggage loss
  • It helps cover passport replacement costs if the traveller loses their passport
  • If natural disasters, airline disasters, or medical or technical issues cause travel delays or aircraft cancellations, the insurer may be compensated
  • If a delay exceeds a specific number of hours causes you to miss a connecting flight, you may be paid
  • Family travel insurance covers home burglaries while travelling overseas
  • If a plane is hijacked, you may get money
  • Emergency monies will be offered if your money is stolen
  • Family travel insurance covers political risks like strikes, civil unrest, etc.
  • Basic family travel insurance covers hotel stay extensions due to unexpected circumstances

Family travel insurance: who qualifies?

Travel insurance is typically sold to families with children under 65. Senior citizens must purchase travel insurance. Destination, length of vacation, family medical conditions, and other criteria will determine your policy. That’s why it is important to know what is covered by travel insurance.

Family travel insurance exclusions

Most family travel insurance policies exclude these:

  • Mental illness, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • War/terrorism
  • Suicide or self-harm
  • Going against doctor’s recommendation
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Criminals and undue risk-takers won’t be reimbursed
  • Unreported baggage theft/loss
  • Damage to checked-in luggage

Family travel health insurance lets you focus on making memories and having fun. Thus, purchase travel insurance before your next family vacation abroad. That way you can ensure the safety of your family and yourself while you explore the wide wonders of the world together. Happy travelling!

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