Thanks to our skills in family governance and succession planning, we provide you with advanced technical skills as well as a practical approach to help you manage the complex aspects of inheritance. We listen to your needs and make sure to offer you estate planning that allows you to achieve your personal goals.

Our recognized expertise in national and cross-border estate and fiduciary planning, as well as dispute resolution, ensures that we can offer you a full range of life cycle planning services. It therefore makes sense for those facing complex issues to opt for our firm estate planning wills and trusts.

Make your aspirations a reality

As advisors, we can guarantee that your income is safe for future ages or philanthropic objectives by utilizing well-planned techniques that implicate wills, energies of attorney for estate, inter trusts, mansion freezes and to a spectrum of other methods. We can also ensure that your private decisions, comprising significant judgments about medical maintenance and where to stay, are given rise to by the people you choose and are what you want, through the use of personal care powers of attorney and related directives.

We can also assist estate attorneys, trustees and liquidators (testamentary trustees) with their administrative fiduciary duties, including preparing and delivering accounts whether or not the estate is disputed.

estate planning wills and trusts

Unrivaled experience

If there are any issues that need to be resolved in court, our team can take care of resolving disputes effectively. Our litigator have extensive experience in resolving inheritance and trust disputes relating to the existence of wills, power of attorney, meetings of caretakers for property or an individual, the use of attorneys and administration of trusts and estates. And we have particular expertise in the complex aspects of capacity proceedings and the challenges they pose, especially due to undue influence and questionable circumstances. We understand the delicate side of such litigation and achieve excellent results by pursuing a strategic, interest-based approach.

A trust is a taxable entity under the Income Tax Act. There are two types of trusts: living trusts and testamentary trusts. Inter Vivos trusts are established during a person’s lifetime. Their primary purpose is to transfer the benefit of holding assets to other people (i.e. the beneficiaries of the trust), while the terms of the trust place restrictions on those assets. Testamentary trusts are created following the death of the settlor. The trustee (s) manage the assets of the testamentary trust by the terms of the trust.