OCBC online banking is internationally known as a reputable online financial facility that gives customers an opportunity to enjoy a variety of online financial services. One of their bestselling products is the OCBC easy payment credit cards. Just like other credit cards, the OCBC easy payment credit cards allow you to make costly purchases which you can’t pay at once. If you are wondering if these cards are really beneficial, find out the benefits of credit card installment plan.

Gives You The Freedom To Make Costly Purchases

Every eligible OCBC easy payment credit card holder has the freedom to buy everything they want as long as it’s within their card limitations. Even if you don’t have the cash, you can still order your preferred items and pay later in terms of easy credit card installment plans of either 5, 10, or 20 years depending on your personal preferences.

find out the benefits of credit card installment plan

There Is No Early Settlement Penalty

Unlike credit cards offered by other online banks, the ones offered by OCBC don’t penalty you for failing to payfor your purchases before the agreed settlement period. Even if you pay all your dues in one month while your repayment period was set at 20 years, you won’t be penalized. This gives you the flexibility you need to shop at your preferred convenience and pay your dues whenever you wish.

There Are No Lengthy Application Processes

If you are still looking to find out the benefits of credit card installment plan, it’s good to know that applying for the OCBC online banking credit cards won’t take you a whole day. In fact, it is the easiest thing ever to do. By just filling the short online form requested by the OCBC online banking systems and submitting it for review, you will be good to go. The only thing you will need to do is to relax and wait as your card application details are reviewed and your credit card approved and sent to you.

It Will Enhance Your Spending Discipline

When paying with cash, we often tend to spend more than we have budgeted. Even the most disciplined person will find themselves paying for items they don’t like since they have the money with them. When it comes to paying with the credit cards offered by OCBC online banking, your spending discipline will be increased. You will rarely pay for items you don’t like.  This is true since you will already know that the money you are using to pay for such items is not yours and you will have to pay it later. Nobody like debts as they sometimes affect our budgeting and aren’t always the best things we want to be associated with. Therefore, when using a credit card, you will only buy items that are valuable to you which increase your spending discipline.