Meet the top leaders in insurance who work for tradesmen and professionals all across the UK. They had a wonderful history which depicts the story of their success and mission. This company was established 30 years ago and started providing its services related to insurance to businesses under their brokerage name, Henry Seymour & Co which is also authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. Till now they had helped over 100,000 businesses to get their insurance which was essential for their business growth. Thus they are the first who bought revolution in the insurance industry to help the tradesman and trade businesses which led to the formation of Tradesmansaver. It became one of the first brands to lend insurance services to the needy through online irrespective of the field they were working for.

Why choose this company?

They have been constantly working with an aim to improve the trade industry to shape up the world of insurance and helping their customers by providing better results as they needed.

  • They were the first who offered trade-specific insurance policy online which led the waves in this industry.
  • With every new trading they set their vision and mission to ease the process of insurance for trade professionals to offer them right insurance for their trade.
  • They had been providing around 200 trades and professions and covered a huge breadth across the industry.
  • They had set a bench mark and made it simple to access their insurance by all types of professionals and trades in the industry like from dressmaker’s to carpenters, builders to roofers and artists to florists with complete satisfaction fulfilling their needs through clear, fuss-free insurance policies.
  • They offer top value and low cost insurance to their customers with wide range of tradesmen and professionals, where their specialists cover all the aspects and concentrate to run your business.
  • They offer their insurance policy through monthly installments with less premium at a competitive rate to improve your business cash flow. But do remember that your sum should be more than £125.
  • Their financial loss insurance policy provides full protection to their business, as any injury and unexpected property damage will be covered under the public liability section of their chosen policy.


Are you worried about your business and financial loss? Would like to know which type of insurance exactly fits for your business? No need to worry approach Tradesmansaver, as they are well versed in providing A-Z insurance trading to all the tradesmen and professionals with an aim and vision to keep them at bay from any type of financial loss. Leverage their business marketing advice, latest industry news and tips, all right at your finger tips through online. One would certainly experience a hassle free trading with them by choosing their industry specific policies.See how they climbed the ladder of success from the past to present.For further information regarding this company please visit their financial loss insurance page or make a phone call their advisors will soon assist you on your inquiry.