With the volume of safety and health legislation continuously increasing and getting more complicated, the need for training in this specific area has become quite important for managers. SSSTS or Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme course gives supervisors a clear-cut understanding of their responsibilities under different sets of legislation.

Advantages to Business

Having a safety and health plan that is clearly defined and successfully active is very important for the construction industry. This is needed for marketing and even for obtaining new tenders and new business. There are manifold advantages that will come for the business from having a safety and health system successfully managed. Proper health and safety management systems can reduce downtime along with uninsured costs that come from occupational ill-health and accidents. This further help in increasing the company’s profitability while reducing the chances of liabilities and litigation.

For the ones who are not aware of the different risks and concerns covering the construction industry and even other industries where health and safety of individuals are at risk, the SSSTS course is of great significance. The course enables individuals to acquire skills and proper training in carrying out their jobs and their responsibilities in the most efficient manner. By way of this course, it becomes possible for professionals to take up important positions in high-risk jobs and companies.

Course Coverage

The SSSTS course is an amalgamation of different safety and health concerns that need to be understood by site managers. During the training, learners get an idea about the following categories in details:

  • The role of the supervisor
  • Safe systems of work
  • Health and safety law and its enforcement
  • Standard of prevention
  • Method statements and risk assessment
  • Performance measurement
  • Permit systems
  • Health and safety management
  • Fire control and prevention
  • Hazardous elements (coshh)
  • Occupational health ( vibration, noise, asbestos)
  • Toolbox talks and their presentation
  • Working at great heights
  • Construction design and management regulations
  • Manual handling
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Intervention and behaviour skills
  • First aid and accidents


In order to qualify for the SSSTS accreditation, candidates need to pass and successfully end this course examination along with continuous assessment by way of interactive sessions. On the successful completion of the SSSTS course, candidates will get the certification that will be valid for a time span of five years. Owing to the changes that are likely to take place in the field of construction and other areas, it is necessary for professionals working in such fields to remain fully updated. For this, it is necessary that the learners or the possessors of the SSSTS certification go for a refresher course after three years of their certification.

The course not only prepares learners for a great career but also gives them the foundation required for moving ahead with their responsibilities and duties. It serves as a stepping stone towards proper performance at work. It is a course worth undertaking and worth the time spent.