The blockchain technology was originally received with awkward and unwelcoming attitudes. Not many people thought it will ever become the most sought-after and resourceful technology that could give birth to lots of business opportunities. Fidentiax is the first technology in its industry and in the world’s history. It runs on the blockchain technology and it’s the first Singapore online marketplace for insurance policies that intend to solve countless problems in the insurance industry.

Minimize Financial Loss During Insurance Policy Sales

In the past years, anyone who wished to sell their insurance policies had to surrender the policies to their insurance providers and get cash in exchange. He could as well choose to use his insurance policy as collateral to get a loan from such an insurance company at interest rates ranging from 6 to 8 % a year. The amount given as a loan or as cash payback for the insurance was determined by the insurance company which means you could lose huge sums in the process. Fidentiax allows you to sell your policy at your preferred price.

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Provides A Trustless And Immutable Marketplace

Previously, selling an insurance policy was really a challenging task. Getting interested buyers wasn’t easy and even if you did, you had to agree on surrendering your policy at a price lower than the value of the policy. Insurance companies weren’t always ready to give loans or buy insurance policies. Fidentiax offers an immutable and trustless marketplace for insurance policies where you can list your insurance policy and have many willing buyers contact you with the aim to buy the policy.

Provides A Convenient Way To Buy And Sell Insurance Policies

If you have ever tried to sell your insurance policy, you know how challenging it is. You didn’t only have to struggle with finding a willing buyer but also had to surrender your insurance policy at a very low price. In short, selling an insurance policy was the most inconveniencing and challenging process ever. The new Singapore online marketplace for insurance policies offered by Fidentiax offers to provide solutions to such challenges. It offers a user-friendly and convenient marketplace where policyholders can list their policies and potential buyers access the listed policies.

Guarantee Of Getting Your Money

Finding a buyer for your insurance policy was not only the challenge in the previous years. There was no guarantee that you will be paid after you sold your insurance policy considering the condition of the market by then. Currently, there is nothing to worry about. Fidentiax offers a reliable and safe marketplace where policy sellers and buyers can meet and transact safely. The good thing about this marketplace is that it doesn’t offer room for buyers and sellers to con each other. This is true since before they release the insurance documents to the policy buyer, they confirm to be sure the amount requested is already in the escrow and ready for release once the transaction is successful.