A health insurance cover is an absolute must in today’s day and age. With rising health risks and rising health care costs, you simply cannot afford to live without the assistance of the health insurance plans. A health policy covers many risks that prove to be highly beneficial for you. In this article we will discuss the health insurance cover, the features of health insurance and also the ways in which the best health insurance plans can help you. Take a look.

Basics of health insurance

To get a comprehensive health cover for yourself as well as your beloved family, you first need to understand what health insurance comprises of. Here are the basics of health insurance for your convenience:

  • What exactly is health insurance?

Health insurance is nothing but a way you adopt to manage your health care expenses.

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  • How does health insurance work?

You buy a health insurance plan from an insurer and pay a premium for the cover. The insurer in return for the premium promises to compensate your medical bills as and when there are requirements to do so.

  • Is the health insurance premium fixed for all plans?

No, the premium amount differs from plan to plan. The higher the cover, the larger the premium amount is and vice-versa. So your premium is directly proportional to the health insurance cover that you opt for.

  • Can a health plan be customised?

Health plans can be customised using riders which are add-on covers available at an added cost. Check the health insurance riders that your insurance provider offers when you buy your health policy.

  • Is health insurance available only for an individual?

No, health insurance is available for an individual as well as the whole family. As many as seven members of a single family can be included under a common health insurance plan.

  • Are all kinds of medical disorders covered under the health insurance plans?

A wide range of health issues are covered under the good health insurance plans. However, there are certain pre-existing illnesses that are covered after the completion of a waiting period. There are some permanent exclusions in the health insurance plans as well. Read the policy wordings beforehand to know what your health plan covers.

  • Is health insurance available online?

Yes, health insurance is widely available online nowadays. Most of the leading health insurance providers have an excellent digital presence. So you can find the health insurance plans of your choice on the internet and make a quick and easy purchase.

Why is health insurance your saviour?

Now that you know how health insurance works, let us see why health insurance is a saviour. There are basically two reasons that make a health insurance plan your true saviour. They are:

  • Saves your health: Health insurance protects your health. You can get treated at the best hospitals of your choice and not worry about anything else. The health insurance cover will take care of the expenses while you get treated and nursed back to health in the best possible manner.
  • Saves your wealth: Getting treated at the best hospitals is expensive. Without a health insurance plan in place, your savings can get depleted instantly. So the health insurance plans prove to be a saviour by keeping your finances intact. The claim from health insurance can be used to pay the medical bills and you don’t have to touch your own money.

The bottom line

Health insurance has moved from being a luxury to becoming a necessity. The health insurance industry has evolved a lot in the recent past and now has become modern in every possible way. As a result, you have some excellent health insurance plans at some of the most affordable rates. This allows you to stay protected in a wholesome manner. You can buy and maintain a health plan with ease and in the process secure your own health as well as the health of your loved ones. Health insurance is also very easy to get. You can simply go online and buy a plan of your choice. It is very convenient to own an online health policy. So go ahead and explore your options on Coverfox.com and find suitable health insurance plan for you and your family.